October 5 & 6, 2003
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

Finally landed a job.  Started last Tuesday and the 5 a.m. crap just ain't cuttin' it!  The great part is working with seniors.  I just love the old folks.  The bad part is I'm getting attached and I know this is just a "just-for-now" job.  Got bigger things in store.

"Hello dear. What is your name?"
"Thank You for being so kind and for the great service"
"Are you going to stay with us?"

It makes me wonder just how these people are being treated.  Sad.  My favorite lady is named, Melba, and no one wants to serve her or even say "Good morning" to her.  I was warned about her and what a bitch she can be.  We get along just fine, go figure.

"Here you go Melba, have some peach pie."
This looks like crap!"
Aaah---come on, Melba, it looks pretty darn good to me."
Ok, then you eat it!"
I says, "I would but I'm pretty busy working right now."

We had a good laugh and now we talk and I can at least get this lonely old lady to smile and laugh.  This place is the blues, I'm afraid.

So after this week in training, I decided to go and wish RUSTY ZINN well on his European Tour.  Three months long.  It's about time he got back out there.

I just love to hear of my local faves gettin' out there and being REALLY appreciated.  It's so sad that they have to go so far to make a decent wage and get the proper recognition.  He was at Eli's with WALTER SHUFFLESWORTH on drums.  RANDY BERMUDAS on bass.  These two right here just keep that engine runnin' smooth.  Not a skip or miss the whole night.  And BOB WELSH on guitar!!!  That damn Bob just continues to blow me away!!  No keys on this night just great rhythm and leads.

Not a big crowd but some fun dancin' goin' on.  I guess Rusty is going [to Europe] alone and I had to ask about not having this great band with him.  I guess he has a band in every port!  Have a great tour Rusty.  We're gonna miss ya!  Tear it up over there and give them what they' been waiting for.

I love it when one of my favorites FINALLY comes thru.  We are fortunate to have MANY greats living here and get to go out to a near empty venue place to hear them up close and personal almost every month!

Tried to hit The Ivy Room for MARK HUMMEL and his BLUES SURVIVORS but couldn't break away from Eli's.  I did want to stop by on the way home from Eli's but was feeling pretty ill for some reason.  No, it wasn't from Eli's food or anything cuz I didn't eat there but I probably should've.  I headed straight home.  I don't know what happened.  I'm not a drinker so I wasn't drunk.  Real bad feeling and I really thought I was gonna die on the side of hwy 101!

I really need a CHARLES WHEAL (Hummel's Guitarist) fix and soon.  He cures all.  Thanks, Frank, for yet another great night of da blues at ELI'S MILE HIGH CLUB!

A few of us went to hear some JACKIE PAYNE & STEVE EDMONSON at Ted's Restaurant last night.  It had been awhile since I caught a whole show of these guys.

BILL SINGLETARY on bass. One month new to this band.
ROBBIE BEAN on drums.

CARL GREEN on sax.
JOHN LITTLETON on trumpet. What a horn section!!
And.....STEVE EDMONSON on guitar.

One exceptional geetar player, if I don't say so myself.  Would love to hear him up front more although he does get to do a few on his own with the band.

I would love for him to take a WHOLE song and make it his.  All Edmonson guitar for the whole song.  No other leads from no one else, just Edmonson.  Take it to the highest peak ever so slowly and then just let her rip!  That would be awesome and I know it's in him.  Just one song, that's all I ask.

Jackie Payne...what can I say?  This guy can sing for me all night long!  Ooooh Weee, baby!  I've got goosebumps right now just thinking of it.  This whole band is just phenomenal.  When they get to swayin' together on stage and doin' some of that rockin', it just makes one crazy.  They really put on a show.

I loved it when Jackie introduced John Littleton and he did a little dance for the ladies that was very exciting.  You'd never know this guy had it in him!

You know me, I can't handle too much soul, Motown, funk or R&B in my blues but these guys get away with it.  They throw in just enough blues to keep me happy and Sat-Teased-fied!  What a great night. Jackie is by far, the best soulful/blues singer in these here parts. I'm gonna go way out on a limb and say he's one of the best vocalist around, period!

Gotta watch him sometime the way he works his chords is just amazing!  He really knows how to work the mic and uses his voice as a instrument.  True showmanship and he really works the crowd well. Or should I say works the crowd over.  At least he did me ;)

This is one great show and a must see!  As soon as I get my first paycheck, I'm getting that CD.  Professionalism on stage.  Breaks were short and then it was right back to work.  I love that!  Nothin' worse than hangin' out during a long-ass break.  No, I'm not a social creature and breaks are always too long for me anyway.  People start leaving too.  Like me.

Get on out people and support these greats we have right here in our own backyard.  Get on out to ELI'S especially.  This place needs our help in order to keep the doors open.  Big dancin' space, great sound, food, and fun people to hang with.  There are many clubs such as Eli's and Ted's that could use help to keep the blues going in there.

...da Blues Traveler