Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland

January 31, 2004
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

I wanted to take the kids to a rock club called the Pound in San Francisco last Saturday night.  We made it there after getting lost in the Bayview/Hunters Point district, but made it to our destination by pure luck.  The drive was an adventure all in its self.  There are no rules of the road in that area.  Anything goes!  At least it did for us on that night.  Not even the cops seem to care about a bunch of dumb white tourist drivin' around running red lights and going the wrong way on a one-way street.  They were out in force on this night, cutting in front of us, squealing around the corners and chasing after who-knows-what, along with the chopper lighting up the hood from overhead.  I didn't see shit going on but what do I know?  I ain't out there.

Found the pound at Pier 96.  What a place for a club.  Out on a pier on some old Navy property out in the middle of nowhere!

My youngest is seeing that smokes are like weed and money---if you have it, you have lots of friends.  I was watching the kids out on the patio and watching the scene brought back some horrifying memories.  Teenagers!  Wouldn't do it again for nothing.

Great thing they have going there for the kids.  Five bands were playing and I did enjoy one of them.

 We hung for a bit and even the kids were not happy with the punk music coming from a couple of bands.  We wanted Metal, dammit!  I says, ?Let's go hear some BLUES.?  Found our way to the Bay Bridge---"Where's that confounded bridge?  Has anybody seen da bridge?"  None of the kids could name the song, can you?

Made it to Eli's Mile High Club and we settled in for some SUGAR PIE DeSANTO!

We had a ball. She's a real limber lady for 68!  Band was great but not enough guitar.  Just a few token riffs.  Billy Dunn on keys and he sang some too.  Carlos Zialcita on harp.  Sugar Pie grabbed my daughter?s boyfriend, Ryan, and had him doing some dance with her.  I turned around and there's Sugar Pie, holding on, legs wrapped around him and he was justa a swingin' her back & forth.  I was laughing so hard.  Of course he was happy, with his arms in the air, doing the heavy metal metallica sign for the crowd when he got up there.  Teenagers!

As we were getting ready to leave, we were in the patio talking to Cosmo lady and she was all over these guys.  Real nice girl but waaay out there.  They enjoyed the attention and especially the little flash she gave them.  What a crazy night and I do believe she was right when she said it was in the stars and Venus and Mars are in retro!  Thank you for explaining it to us Cosmo lady cuz I was getting worried about it.

We got in the van and I told my boys if they ever brought home a girl like that, I would kill 'em!  My oldest, Will, says, "What? What was wrong with her?"  Yes, he was serious and you gotta love his open-mindedness.

All in all, they loved the blues the best and Eli's.  Thanks, Eli's for being an all ages venue to take our kids. It was great to expose them to some REAL world culture and of course the Blues!  I was pointing out that we did the three-bridge boogie and it is something to be proud of.

Only in the Bay Area.  I just love this area.

...da Blues Traveler