Tradewinds, Cotati

April 10, 2004
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

Man oh Man!  I haven't got that sticky, stringy and sweaty in a long while.  I knew it would happen with these guys.  It always does.  Just when I think my jumpin', shoutin' and screamin' days are over, they roll back into town.

Being most likely the shortest one there, I was on top of the world looking over the crowd.  I spent much time in the air, both feet off the ground and it's a good thing I had cushion and thick socks on my feet.  Should've wore a little bit more support up higher, though.  They may be small but they do bounce and I'm a bit sore there today ;-)  More than you all wanted to know, I'm sure.  Gotta dress right for these guys' shows!

If you really want to experience these guys the right way and you want to dance the MOFO Party Band way, you have to dress right.  Comfortably, coolly and don't forget the support.  Wear your work out clothes.  Don't worry about what you look like cuz they'll have strung-out and wrung-out in no time.  Every muscle in my body is tight and I feel like I did a 4 hour aerobics class!!

They have a new bass player.  A kid by the name of Jake ?.  Forgot the last name.  He plays stand up and no electric.  Although the stand up is plugged in, of course.  Perfect addition to the MOFO Party Band.  Man is he good.  From Fresno and he has all the enthusiasm that is needed to play with these guys.  He gave new meaning to phrase "stand up" when he and Brother John were doing their routine while Brother Bill was walking the bar playing guitar and serenading everyone individually.

John was behind the bass, playing, while Jake was standing on the thing doing a dance.  I couldn't decide which routine to follow!  What a sight!  My head was swingin' back & forth trying to keep up each act being on different sides of the room.  That Jake may be small but he's hecka mighty!  Great to see you, Jake and look forward to seeing you again!  Talkin' with him, he's played with a rock-a-billy band outta Fresno and that influence adds some great energy to that MOFO blues.  Sure miss Jon Crossen but little Jake will work just fine.

Daniel Burt on drums.  He's amazing.  He makes it look so easy.  Not gonna be around much longer due to being a single dad.  He's training a new drummer and he assured me that and he'll be great.

Both Daniel and Croz have parental duties.  And that MOFO does hit the road and are busy.  I have a feeling we'll be seeing Daniel again down the road, on the road.  He always comes back.  I'm not worried anyway because MOFO's standards are high and they always have a back up plan.

Brother John, Brother John.  Pretty much one of the best harp players around.  Very much over-looked and never gets the recognition he so deserves.  His techniques are ear-catching and they pretty much stop me in the middle of what I'm doing just to watch.  And did I ever mention that voice!  Both harp and vocals are strong and forceful.  Not to be reckoned with.  I love when he moans into the thing while playing.

Another awesome sighting....Brother John stands up on the stand-up which is lying on its side on the floor, playing harp all the while.  Great harp too!

Little Jake still playing the bass while on the floor neither ever missing a beat or lick.  Amazing!  The energy was gushing from the stage at this point.  The crowd responded wildly.  Great theatrics but even better music.  Don't take your eyes off these guys because you just might miss something.

Aaaaaah....Brother Bill, Brother Bill.  This cat is one bad-ass guitar player.  I never get enough of that stuff but he does get his share of solos and real nice lengthy ones at that.  Real tasty licks and never were there any of those "token" riffs.  Each one had plenty of time to stretch out and take you up, up and away!  His energy in his solos is infectious and I found myself jumpin' only to turn and see the band was already jumpin too.  I just love it when a solo starts out nice, smooth and calm and then all of the sudden you find yourself chewin' nails and grindin teeth.  Bill will take his time and let it build up naturally and then have you pullin' your hair out!  I'm terrible at describing music and this is the best I can come with.  I was in my "zone" while he was doing one of his bits, only to open my eyes and he's playing right in front of me!  It took me outta that realm and put me in another.  That verse was for me and me only.  At least I like to think so.  Thanks Bill!

They write and pick a good array of covers.  Their originals are the best.  These guys should be out on the national and world circuit, for sure!  Swamp boogie jungle kinda sound in some their stuff but it's all the blues.  Hypnotizing.  It's a perfect balance between the brothers.  These guys are over-looked musical GENIUSES!!

The energy level at Tradewinds was HIGH last night!  Good crowd although it was slow at the beginning. Full floor most the night and we had some noise makers.  Yahoo!  I just love noise makers.  That way I'm not the only one making a fool of myself!  Great to see the blues regulars out in force.  It's been awhile.

Do yourself a favor and go see these guys.  The MOFO Party Band.  Just don't forget to dress comfortably and be prepared for a workout that will make you feel worked-over!  Very approachable, they do appreciate the fans.

THANK YOU DONNA of SonomaTunes.com for yet another awesome 2nd Saturday Blues Series!  Too few of these things anymore but I'll take what I can get.  THANK YOU Tradewinds for having them.

...da Blues Traveler