Tradewinds, Cotati

April 17, 2004
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

"I got one more mile, oh you know I got one more mile to go
Oh you know it has been such a long journey,
but I don't have to cry 'bout you no more."


One More Mile brought us a real treat of some real blues to this here Tradewinds.

"What a lot of music for just three guys" one gal said.
"I just love this band" said another.
"Where are they from?"
"I was going to go home early, like after the first set, but I'm still here. They're great!" someone else said at around 1:30 am.

"I haven't had this much fun in this place in a looong while" said another girl.
"I usually don't buy CDs but this one I had to have!" said another acquaintance.

"Craig Kloor is my new husband" said one. We all agreed, including Craig, that great guitar playin' don't make no reason for marriage but it sure could help it out!

These are just a FEW of the testimonials of the night from the small but mighty crowd.  The crowd wasn't too bad and they came and went in spurts.  I noticed the jumpin' stuff was draggin' them in.

What a great night of Chicago blues with some swingin' and surf mixed in just enough to keep it interesting for some. Mostly just true blues though.  Jersey Jim on bass and vocals.  Lee Thompson on drums.  Craig Kloor on guitar.

Plenty of guitar at that!  One can never have too much of good thang but I'd say Craig filled me up for at least a few days.  Ice pick drivin' into the forehead guitar playin'.  He would make that thing cry too.  One of the most un-noticed guitarist in these here parts and for no good reason.  The guy is amazing.  Gotta love them vocals that growl and howl with that thumpin' bassline keepin' it interesting. 

Jersey Jim can really howl out some blues all the while playin' a steady line. He actually plays some lead on that thing.  Craig can play that guitar all he wants but without that steady back beat that manages to cover a lotta ground, it would be just guitar.

I was having loads of fun following Lee on the drums. just a hoppin' and skippin' along to the hi-hat and symbols that were switched up often thru the songs.  These guys in the rhythm section were really workin' hard and they did a helluva job keeping it changed up and kept it interesting.

The song list is real and I usually get bored with too many covers but not with this band.  I just love the tunes they pick.  After Jersey's statement about picking apart songs, I was paying real close attention.  Not that I know what I'm listening for but it just amazed me at all the sounds coming from a trio!  It just seems to get more complicated each time I hear them.

Take a real close listen sometime.  No siree...No 'Mustang Sally' or 'I feel Good' here. And no rockin' blues!!!!!

Had a visit from Bill Bowker, local blues DJ and he seemed very interested in these guys.  (Love ya, Ronnie Jean. A true hardcore blues fan, RJ ;-)

We'll be seeing more of them up here, I'm sure.  The word is getting out about these guys up here and I just know we'll be seeing and hearing more from One More Mile!

Love ya guys and can't wait for the next show....

...da Blues Traveler