Jasper O'Farrell's, Sebastopol

April 22, 2004
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

It was always frustrating seeing David Burke with others.  This guy should have his own band, CDs, gigs, you name it!

Although, with the ACES, he's half the show.  He can double that guitar, or should I say TRIPLE, that guitar into bass, rhythm, and lead.  Just amazing.  When he's with the Aces, his guitar is bass and rhythm behind Derek Irving.  With Sonny Lowe, he's just the token riff guy and it's always frustrating.  I can feel it, just sittin' there inside of him, ready to burst.

Got to Jasper's In Sebastopol and Sonny had left earlier because he wasn't feeling well.  Hope all is well and he was surely missed.  It has been awhile and I was really looking forward to seeing Sonny Lowe, Blues Harp player extraordinaire.  But DAVID BURKE stepped up and filled them big shoes, yes he did!  Amazing.  Just a trio and they REALLY laid it on us.

He just played, sang and played and played some more.  He's got a real nice voice that will growl then be sweet as can be.

Was going to hit the Last day Saloon for M.O. Blues Band but I was anxious to see Sonny so I went straight to Sebastopol instead.  I am so glad I did.  That first set was killer.  The place was pretty full and the crowd subdued when it came to the music.  That didn't stop me from making a fool of myself with all the moanin', groanin' and "Oh yeahs.?

Just couldn't help myself.  This guy had me spazzin'!  The break came along and it was loooong.  I hate that!  The only complaint of the night.  Jasper's Thursday Jam turns into this social thing and that's not me.  I'm not there to socialize, dammit.  Get back on stage!

I made my way back to the front of the stage and waited and waited, pacing the dance floor while he showed off his flying 'V" to the girls.  Not impressed, I paced some more tapping my foot impatiently.  I almost left but something told me to stick it out.  He FINALLY came back and then let a couple of people sit in and I just couldn't take it anymore.  I was bored and I think it was showing because someone came up to me and said, "Don't worry Mo, it'll all be over soon.?  Man, was it that obvious?!

I appreciate a good jam session (not really not being a musician and all) as well as the next person but David Burke was on fire and I wanted more while I could get it. It's not every night that we get to see this side of him.

FINALLY! he came back up and the original band took us home.  That last song had me hollerin', whistlin' and it just was too much for words. He could've done that all night long.

JAMES FOSTER was a real treat to watch on then drums.  He's phenomenal!  Lots of tricks and a pleasure to tune into.

"TALL" PAUL DOWDING on bass and is just as solid as they get.


This guy needs to record something by himself.  No, no guests. Just pure David Burke singing and playin' dat geetar!!  Of course an awesome rhythm section would be helpful.

Lots of ground covered. I would follow David's shows around all the time if I knew it would be like this all....the...time.

One could hope.  Really missed Sonny and I hope he's feeling all right.  But he can rest assure that Little David Burke can fill them big shoes.  Let's do this again real soon.

...da Blues Traveler