Tradewinds, Cotati

December 17, 2004
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler


I had been wanting to catch up to Allyson Paige after hearing her sing along side Volker Strifler at the Sonoma County Blues Festival.

I had also caught pieces of her sitting in here & there.

She has a voice that really grabs your attention and makes you pay attention!

So here she is, at our little ol' Tradewinds in Cotati, so how could I not check it out being so close to home and all.

To be honest, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to check it out on this night was the hope that Volker would be playing guitar in her band.

I was dead tired from these early AM hours I'm working and it takes alot to get my ass out that door anymore but I did it.

So I went, walked in, and the first thing I noticed was Kevin White on bass! It was great to see him again. I had forgotten he mentioned he was playing in Allyson's band. (Kevin used to play bass for Daniel Castro)

I sat to observe and listen.

They had just finished some "Stevie" soundin' song and then they went into another number called "When The Well Runs Dry".

I'm not sure where that song comes from, and I'm pretty sure it's a cover but Allyson treated it as if it were here own. What a voice!!

Her timing, pitches, phrasing, range, everything were perfect.

Guitar's drowned her out a bit but that was alright. They were awesome too!

Cover after cover but they were taken up a notch. They had climatic build ups and endings.

Not your everyday blues/rock cover band, no sireee!!

TWO guitars, and no, niether of them were Volker, but hell....that's alright 'cause they were great!

One that was more shreddin' style rock and the other intricate, soft, and had some jazzy tones to it. The only name I got was Sean Allen. he was the more bluesy/jazzy one.

Both were completely different styles and sounds. That Sean kid can play! That was the sound I was wanting to hear on this particular night.

I liked it when he was in a solo he would kinda flop around like a Raggedy Andy doll. He was so cute. He can really play too!

The other guitarist was really good too. He was just having way too much fun up there. He would insticate a guitar duel with Sean and those were over the edge!!

All of them.

I hate to say he was a shredder because he really wasn't. He was fast, real fast, but it was clear. Crystal clear. Just not a lot time between the notes. Real good playing I must say.

They didn't stick to just blues but what they did was phenomenal.

The crowd loved them.

Bonnie Raitt's "Thing Called Love" was right on the numbers including the vocals and especially the band's way with the song. Real nice and I never even cared for that song when Bonnie did it!

Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" was real sweet.

"What it is, What it is" by whom ever, was a load of fun. Real tight sound from the band with this funky number.

In between all that were plenty of blues to satisfy even me.

There were some loose spots thru out the night but if they keep going the way they're going, I'm willing to bet they'll only get better and tighter.

Me? I would go see them again and again.

...da Blues Traveler