Ivy Room, Albany

December 26, 2004
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

Scott Silvera.  Robi Bean.  Kent Brison.  Calvin Dixon.  Tim "The Iceman" Wager.  Randy Bermudas.  Henry Oden.  Patty Hammond.  Sid Morris.  Richard ?  Chris Burns.  Scot Brenton.  Rontu Karr.  Birdlegg.  Rev. Rabia.  Ms. Dee.  John Graham.  Steve Freund.  Jon Lawton.  Stan Earhart.  Burton Winn.  Steve Gannon.  The Horns of Dilemna-Mike Rinta and Michael Peloquin.  Vance Ehlers.

And then there's the master, Craig Horton!!

What a night!!

Craig tore it up.  Actually...I'm sorry...everyone was awesome but when he got up there, he gave us some of that twitchin', string yankin', guitar and some real sweet, soulful singin' and I was in heaven.  My feet have cramps in them today from that stuff.

He's a master.  He gets up there and just gets right into it.  It's his song and it's so powerful.  Sure, he'll pass around a song here and there but mostly it's his song, it features him, as well it should when he's up there.

Ms. Dee really laid on us a great rendition of `I'd Rather Go Blind' that made my liver quiver.

Yeah, I've heard her perform that one before but nothing like this!  Fabulous!

Rev. Rabia was a first for me and you can bet I'll be checkin' her out again.

Sid Morris...Sid Morris...aaah....just amazing.  I want to say, "he can tickle my ivories any `ol day" but that just doesn't seem right.  He's too good for that kinda talk ;-)  Real fine piano player that man.

Jonny Lawton...you da bomb!  I really need the whole night of that stuff, and soon.

Birdlegg is just a harp blowin' energizer bunny.  I love his moves, enthusiasm, and love for the blues.  One of the best harp players around.  When he gets a chance to really shine, it's a jaw dropper.  It didn't happen on this night, too much going on on stage, but all HIS shows are a must see.

It just goes on and on and on.....

Thank you Scott S. for fixin' up this amazing night.

Great to see Leroy out and enjoying this special night for him.

Nice to finally meet Stan Erhart, and a full night of him is in store as well.  Haven't ever heard him before and what teasing I got last night made it even more appealing.

I know there's many more that I didn't get but did I mention Craig Horton???!!  It was just so powerful, real, raw, unpredictable, and straight up blues guitar.  It's real cool when you finally get to hear what's behind the name.

The drive home was hairy.  Lots of water on the road.  Slept a few hours but flyin' high all day at work from the evening.  Thank You all!!

Couldn't think of a better place for it either.  Gotta love the Ivy Room.

Nighty-nite....or as Son Seals would say,

"When you go to sleep at night I want you to dream of these here blues.  And when you get up in the mornin' I want you to say, 'BLUES!!.'  Don't ever forget about these here blues now"

Love to ya, Son Seals.

Been listening to a lot of him lately.

...da Blues Traveler