Tradewinds, Cotati

February 5, 2005
By Maureen Hayes, Da Blues Traveler

So I drag myself out for a bit of A Case of the Willy's last night.

Levi Lloyd sittin' in for Volker Strifler since he's in Memphis with his 'other' band.  If V would concentrate on his own band once in awhile, maybe he would get somewhere.  Frustrating.  Plays with anybody and everybody when he should focusing on HIS stuff.

It was tough for Levi but he found the pocket every so often and those times waaay made up for the "out-of-pocket"  times.

Carl Bowers pretty much filled in on bass in all the voids.  He covered so much ground on this night.  Carl Bowers is so awesome and one of THE BEST!

Willy Jordan was in top form vocally and on the drums.  He is such powerhouse in both.

The best horn section around, Glenn Sullivan (trumpet) and David Schrader (sax) are what drove the band.

There was one song where Willy brought it down to where it was just drums and David on sax.  Willy was so cruel!!

It was up to Willy as to when that sax solo was gonna end but he was relentless.  He just kept drumming and David just kept blowin'.  This went on and on and on. the band was lookin' at each other, then they would look at Willy, everyone wonderin' if he was gonna make David blow his brains out!!

David NEVER let up!!  He was amazing!!  The harder Willy pushed, the harder David blew.  Finally it was over.  You should've seen David after that one.  The crowd went wild and he gathered himself up and joined back in.

David Schrader- Man of the Hour!!!

The best horn section around.

Then there's Levi.  I thought I had experienced the highest of all highs from blues guitar.  That is until last night.

Willy cut him loose on a solo and I'm not even sure what song it was.  I was just going thru the motions on the floor, watching, (oh-hum) and then it happened?.That guitar just reached out and took us all on a journey to where we were headin', we weren't sure.

Missing cues and off into Leviland, he just kept going and the crowd just kept screamin' for more so he just kept going.  With each turn around, it got more intense.  Never did he let up but just kept building it up.  Willy just gave up by this time and just let him go.  It was the highest I have ever gotten from one solo.  No token riff here, no siree!!  It was the caliber of a seasoned blues guitar player who would walk on stage and command the lead.  It was Levi's turn if not for these few minutes.  He could've done that stuff all night long and I would've had to crawl out of that place.  As it was I was up in the air then down on the ground, crouching to keep from exploding.

Just that one solo was a multiple climax!!  It reminded me of a blues guitarist such as Luther Allison or Son Seals.  I love a blues guitar that takes command and doesn't cave to the pressure of, "oooh, I hope I'm not steppin' on any toes" or "ooops, it's the other guy's turn to solo, I better stop".

Like I said, I could've heard that ALL NIGHT LONG and been a very happily satisfied women.  I'm sure I would've had rug burns by nights end but I'm willing to suffer the consequences.

I can't quite explain the feeling of such a high but you can have your booze.  Take all my weed.  Don't need no pills.  Just give me that blues guitar of Levi?s and that's how I'll get my thrills!!

My head was burstin' and then I saw a bright light.  Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, here cometh more.

I wasn't alone..... the crowd went nuts.

There...that's the best I can do.

I love ya, Willy, Levi, Carl, David and Glen.  Thank you for one unusual night of funk, blues, R&B, Soul, and more blues.  It was a blast.  Volker was surely missed but then again...who's Volker?

...da Blues Traveler